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Discover top-quality Surf Casting Reels tailored for mastering long cast surf fishing along the challenging shores of NZ. Achieve impressive casting distances effortlessly with our specially designed reels. Gun City + Fishing is your go-to online hub in NZ, offering a handpicked range of surf casting reels for sale. Elevate your coastal adventures with our premium selection. Trust Gun City + Fishing for confidence in every wave.

Unleashing Fishing Excellence With These Top Brands

Embark on superior coastal angling experiences with our selection of Surf Casting Reels from top-tier brands. 

Okuma, renowned for precision engineering, offers surf casting reels that effortlessly balance power and finesse. 

Tica stands as a symbol of versatility, delivering reels tailored for various fishing styles along NZ shores.

Penn, an industry titan, showcases unparalleled durability, ensuring your long cast surf fishing reels withstand the test of time. 

At Gun City + Fishing, we curate a collection of surf casting reels in NZ, providing the versatility, quality, and desirability essential for every angler. 

Discover Power, Precision, and Perfection in Every Feature

Our Surf Casting Reels redefine coastal angling with cutting-edge features. 

A long cast spool ensures you reach new distances effortlessly, a game-changer for long cast surf fishing reels. 

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant bodies guarantee durability against the harsh NZ shores, while a graphite-reinforced body can add strength without compromising weight. 

Stainless steel bearing systems provide smooth operation, ensuring your surf casting experience is seamless. 

With rigid metal handles, our surf casting reels for sale at Gun City + Fishing promise unmatched control and power.

Elevate your coastal game with these top-tier features designed for excellence.

Level Up Your Coastal Fishing Game with Our Surf Casting Reels

Transform your coastal pursuits into a blend of power and precision with our Surf Casting Reels in NZ. 

Picture the thrill of casting beyond the breakers effortlessly, courtesy of the long cast spool in our top-tier long cast surf fishing reels. 

The lightweight, corrosion-resistant body and graphite reinforcement ensure durability against the relentless NZ shores. 

With a stainless steel bearing system and a rigid metal handle, each moment is infused with seamless control and power. 

Elevate your fishing adventures today with our surf casting reels for sale, plus surf casting rods and game fishing rods at Gun City + Fishing. 

Seize the excitement – purchase online now and cast into a new realm of angling excellence!

$99.99 $129.00
In stock
The Tica Scepter GTY10000 is long distance surf casting reel. The Scepter has 7 RRB rust resistant bearings, a stainless steel mainshaft, Worm shaft oscillating system, high speed 5.2:1 gear ratio, solid aluminum bail wire and ...
In stock
The PENN RIVAL 7000 Long cast Gold Spinning Reel, a versatile and high-performance reel that offers exceptional casting capabilities at an affordable price. Meticulously engineered, this reel boasts a range of features designe...
$149.00 $179.00
In stock
The Rockaway Surf Reel is designed to complement our Rockaway Surf Rods. Featuring a long cast spool design and lightweight corrosion resistant body, the Rockaway Surf Reel outputs 26-lbs of max drag. Okuma Rockaway Spinning R...
$149.00 $233.99
In stock
The Tica Flash Surf FS10000 is a surf reel that offers fishermen a precision build and silky smooth feel at a comfortable price point. This reel weighs in at a light 535gm, making it ideal for building an ultra-light surf combo...
In stock
The PENN Surfblaster III 7000 Longcast Spinning Reel will get you geared up for your next fishing adventure. This fantastic long cast reel is equipped with the best features, making it as durable and strong as possible. Special...
In stock
Okuma T-Rex Spinning Reel is designed by crossover construction. It equips with solid reel system, worm shaft transmission system, fast progressive drag, and LCS line control spool that makes casting smoother. Features SRS: So...
$279.00 $299.99
In stock
The new Okuma Trio Rex 60 FD Spinning Surf Reel is suitable as a Carp or Surf reel with a gear ratio of 4.5:1 and line capacity of 310m 0.35mm. Okuma Trio Rex 60 FD Spinning Surf Reel Features: SRS solid reel stem Multi disc...

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